Last Chance Tavern

About six miles up Guess Rd. is the Last Chance Tavern, a bar on the outskirts of town with an awesome jukebox and very cheap Bud Light.  This blurb from the Independent reminded me that I’ve been wanting to check it out, and the bits and pieces I had heard were pretty accurate – it’s as about as far as you can get from The Federal within Durham city limits.

After we were sure we had driven too far, the Harley-esque sign appeared out of nowhere.  The place is surprisingly small, with a bar and a few TVs in one corner and a couple of pool tables, darts, and foosball in the other.  There’s even a beaten-up karaoke set hooked up to a tiny TV and a boom box.  

The decor doesn’t leave much to be desired (Budweiser girls, a pool lamp in the shape of a NASCAR stock car, a cardboard cutout of a NASCAR guy, Mötley Crüe on the TVs) and the jukebox is full of old country, new country, and classic rock. David Allen Coe has never sounded better.

The bartender was happy to serve us $1.75 draught Bud Light for as long as we wanted, but by about 10.45 the place had cleared out so we did too.  Although it closes early, it’s a great place to start a night out, assuming you’re up for the drive.

Last Chance Tavern (map)
Monday – Saturday: 7ish – 11ish

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  1. Awesome.

  2. it looks like a good people watching place, i love going to little bars for that. those nascar cutouts are pretty cool. I love seeing all sorts of different cardboard cutouts, i make cutouts and like to see all the different ones out there. if you want a cutout check us out at

  3. Signs of a truly great bar:

    ‘God Bless America’ fish bowl filled with soda can tabs. Check.

    Ash trays larger than the average cereal bowl. Check.

    Beer bottle lables pasted to the ceiling. Check.

    And two electric “OPEN” signs in the windows to assure even the most skeptical bar-goer that, yes, they are open to the public, and, no, you will not be murdered here. Unless you consider second hand smoke murder.

  4. dude, i think those are dolla billz on the ceiling! lol

    everytime we happen to drive by this place, i jokingly tell my husband we should stop in, and he expresses his fear of getting shanked…lol

    good to know it’s not all as sketchy as it looks…

  5. It rarely is.

  6. This place looks pretty rough, but the regulars are really nice and they love to have new people come in.

    Yes, I imagine there is a shanking there every once in a while, but where isn’t there?

  7. I live nearby this place and it looks like it just closed down. The sign is gone and it looks dead.

  8. They were in the news a few weeks ago. Seems the owners got into a little trouble with the law selling drugs.

  9. Crazy. You got a link? Can’t find the story anywhere..

  10. This was from Bull City Rising Nov 6th, 2008. It was an article in the H-S that day:

    “No more chances for the Last Chance Tavern way up Guess Rd.? Its owner and two other men were arrested on charges of drug possession with intent to sell.”

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