Eulogy for Breakfast at Chubby’s

I should preface this post by saying that breakfast is my favorite meal, and I’m sort of a Chubby’s zealot. That being said, the breakfast at Chubby’s is the most awesome breakfast I’ve ever had in Durham. And it’s only being served for three more days.**

Hopefully you’ve been to the regrettably-named Chubby’s and tried the barbacoa taco with tomatillo-avocado salsa or the homemade tinga gordita or any of their desserts and know how great it is. They very recently started serving breakfast, and although they don’t have freshly squeezed orange juice or brioche french toast, what they do have is incredible. Here is the blissfully limited menu:

I ordered a potato and egg taco and a chorizo and egg taco. I’ve had lots of overpriced breakfasts, and the eggs at Chubby’s aren’t just way better than anything I can make at home, they’re at least as good as anything I’ve gotten at fancier restaurants. The potatoes, like the coleslaw at Allen and Son, are archetypal – crispy, peppery, soft – and the chorizo is the least greasy, most delicious chorizo I’ve ever had, especially with their salsa verde.

The owner told me that staying open for breakfast when the undergrads aren’t around isn’t viable, so they’re just going to finish out the week. They may start offering some of the breakfast items during lunch. In any case, do yourself a favor and get to Chubby’s for breakfast before Saturday.

Breakfast at Chubby’s (map)
Monday – Saturday: 7 am – 11 am

**Update: It looks like they’re going to try out the Durham breakfast crowd for a couple more weeks. Go in and let them know what you think! I for one think that if they served the breakfast items all day Saturday, they could catch some Elmo’s spillover, especially if they served the dessert items too (I’m looking at you, quesadilla dulce). Thanks to you guys for being vocal and thanks to Tony for checking in!

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  1. F@ck!

    I dont understand why some of these places do breakfast based on weekday demand!? I mean, Saturday and sunday are prime breakfasting days!!

    that’s been my biggest heartbreak about a place like toast, breakfast every weekday morning, but not saturday! they’re trying to get their sea legs and see if there’s demand, but its saturday morning not 1/2 mile from the market! it doesnt take a rocket scientist!

    as for chubby’s, with all the disenchantment with elmos, and all the morning walking traffic, they’re in a prime spot! they should hold out for a couple of weekends more at least, and we can spread the word!

  2. Do you know what time they stop serving breakfast in the morning?

  3. according to the blog it’s 7am-11am

  4. People really do need to go try this breakfast out and keep it around for the summer if possible… Prices are unbeatable and the food is excellent!

    Talking with the employee there this morning, she said that everything is still up in the air at the moment… meaning that rapid influx of business in the next couple mornings could mean they might stick around!

  5. We’re planning on hitting Chubby’s this Saturday & will be sure to tell them to keep the breakfasts around for weekends. They could get a ton of Elmo’s overflow.

  6. Agreed on doing breakfast on Saturdays. Who would rather stand in line for 45 for mediocre pancakes when you could have Chubby’s instead? I think they should serve breakfast tacos all day on Saturday for those of us who don’t always make it out the door during breakfast hours on weekends.

  7. OK OK OK! The public has spoken and we (the owners of Chubby’s) have listened. WE WILL CONTINUE BREAKFAST for at least a couple of weeks more! I agree with the posting about the Saturday breakfasts. If breakfast does not pan out for us on the weekdays we may do it on Saturday’s (and maybe on Sunday’s if we see a big enough demand for it!) Thank you for all the positive feedback and please let it be known that we read blogs and will do our best to satisfy our loyal customers.

  8. yay!

  9. Behold the power of Carpe Durham!

  10. Eh heh heh heh…Chubby’s…

    I have yet to try this place. I am excited about the low prices.

  11. I will definitely be checking this out!

  12. Yay!! I just had my first breakfast burrito and WOW. I will definitely spread the word to come show the love on Saturdays.

  13. Hey Gang – This is Jody – the other owner of Chubby’s. As Tony mentioned, we really do appreciate all the feedback from Carpe Durham. Good, bad, or other – it helps us to evaluate how we’re doing.

    Just wanted to let you all know that we will be serving tamales tomorrow – Saturday, May 24th. As with the tortillas and gorditas, these too will be hand made. We’re stuffing them with tinga – that’s our slightly spicy, chipotle barbeque shredded chicken. We’re making a couple dozen to see how they do. $2.50. If you get a chance, stop in and check them out.

    Thanks again for all the great support!

  14. I am back in town for a couple of days and finally got to stop in. Although I missed breakfast, I did try lunch (including the tamales). I don’t have much else to add, other than that I like the place and think it is a very good addition to that area of town, and that I am very happy about the fish tacos. I will probably eat here at least once or twice a week in the fall. I also think it is a smart business decision to offer flour tortillas as an option (although I will never eat them). Beer (especially at least a couple of good and rare beers, in keeping with Durham’s scene) would be a welcome addition.

    Jody: I thought the tamales were pretty good, although perhaps a bit drier than a perfect tamale should be. Also, the strawberry juice was a bit off for me — a little light in flavor given what I was expecting from the amount of seeds.

    All in all, you guys have done a great job. Best of luck.

  15. had my first breakfast burrito from Chubby’s. coming from South Texas on the US-Mexico Border, i have to say that Chubby’s came closest to home for me. The Potato/egg/bean/cheese (w/bacon) burrito rocked! IT WAS HUGE! the flour tortillas are like no one else’s in the Triangle (believe me, when i moved here i was looking!). i hope they keep the breakfast menu going, they’re getting a regular customer with me. orale, buen trabajo!

  16. So after ripping myself from So. Cal taco nirvana two years ago, I have been in a constant funk over the lack of a decent mexican breakfast option. I know, Fiesta Grill serves breakfast, but not until they open at 10:30 and its like a 30 minute drive from Durham. And if you can’t get a burrito on the way to work, what’s the point?

    Chubby’s has nailed it. I had a beautiful breakfast burrito with potatoes, beans, eggs and chorizo this morning and have been on a high ever since. They also have a good selection of breakfast tacos and a huge fresh salsa bar. Awesome prices, 3.50 for the burrito and 1.50 for the tacos.

    I have heard a nasty rumor that they are considering discontinuing the breakfast service, but man, I hope they don’t. They need to head down Hillsboro St. and put some yardsigns outside the contractor supply places, or better yet give the guys inside some coupons to hand out. My experience is that a mexican breakfast joint survives on the service crowd. They are there, just a few block away- Go get em!

  17. awesome observation! one does not survive on student body alone…Durham aint just a college town. 😉

  18. Breakfast is back at Chubby’s on Saturdays from 8-11AM. they are now open sundays til 9PM.

  19. I always go on Satudays for breakfast. Does anybody know if they have plans for weekday breakfast, now that students are back in town?

  20. I LOVE the breakfast there…

    my only question…why to the automatically just give me big floppy flour tortillas for my tacos, instead of the lovely corn ones i see them making–I actually have to ask for them.

    I guess they assume the gringo populace will always prefer the flour to the corn…the flour tortillas do make for a substantial taco, and make them really more valuable if you ask me.

    still tho, 2 tacos, a burrito and 2 coffees for $10? cant beat that, YO

  21. I’m looking forward to trying Chubby’s at the Beerfest today.

  22. went by chubby’s on a recent saturday morning…NO Breakfast…:(

  23. Should’ve updated this earlier — breakfast at Chubby’s is well and truly dead.

  24. at least i got there once…oh well

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