Buford’s Grill

Buford’s Grill (4711 Hope Valley Rd) is a nice little burger place tucked in the corner of the Woodcroft Shopping Center. It opened last month (I think), and still displays the “Now Open” sign in front. What attracted me was the sanitation grade (101 – behind only 5 other restaurants in Durham County) and the word “Buford”.

Buford the Buzzard

It is, indeed, very clean inside. They enhanced their “clean” image by playing Delila on the radio and Dancing with the Stars on the TV. It is set up to place your order at the counter during lunch, but there were just a few people there at 8pm on Thursday night, so they waited on us. The server was very nice.

The menu consists mostly of burgers, wings, and po boys. I went classic and had a cheese burger ($6.95) and root beer float ($1.95). The burger was very good (although they did not ask how I would like it cooked, which may offend some rare-minded folk). The seasoned fries were pretty good, but not amazing. My friend had the hot chick sandwich ($4.95) which is breaded chicken tenders dipped in hot sauce and served on a bun. He seemed to enjoy it, although he was not blown away. (Sorry, no pictures, I didn’t realize my camera battery was dead until I got to the restaurant.)

The general impression I had was that it was good, and worth the price, although probably not worth going out of your way to get.

Buford’s Grill
Monday – Saturday
10:30am – 9pm

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