it’s early, scratch me up some vittles

As a new dad who’s on baby duty from 4-8am I often find myself hungry before the chickens are up. It’d be easy to write about all the great late-night eats (Honey’s, Waffle House, Cosmic until 4am), but not so when it comes to breakfast before six. Here are my favorites:

-Wimpy’s on Hillsborough: where else can you get a fatback biscuit?
-Biscuitville on Club: my normal routine is to wait for the wall street journal (which arrives around 4:55), then walk two blocks and bug them to let me in. When the fried bologna appears on the seasonal specials I come runnin’.
-New York Bagel Deli III on Kildaire Farm Rd. in Cary: the best bagel in the region hands down. The owner is from NJ and contributes free bagels to my various animal welfare fundraising efforts. It’s worth the drive, though I usually go at lunch to avoid the killer morning traffic.
-Dunkin’ Donuts, despite their fare being a little too sugary for my tastes. I pine for Ibrahim’s Donut Shop on Ninth St. (where the Mongolian barbecue joint is now, next to Dale’s), especially because I lived next door to Magnolia circa 1990.
-Alivia’s at Gregson and Main is open early (and late).
-Kroger at Northpointe: when all else fails (though they have recently instigated a “no concealed weapons” policy — Grrr). I bought Neese’s Hot Country Sausage (the one in the paper wrapper) to christen my new cast iron skillet:
Breakfast of Champions

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  1. Alicia’s?

    it all comes back to my old gripe…lack of breakfast in Durham!

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