Help Wanted! Summer guest bloggers

We are all headed out of town for the summer to do internships, and thus our ability to post will be sporadic at best. We are hoping to find a couple of guest bloggers to keep the cause alive until we return in August.

If you are willing to try new places and write about them at least a couple of times a week, please shoot us an email at carpedurham -at- with a little bit of information about yourself. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that working on this site has enriched our lives in a very considerable way by motivating us to get off our butts and experience wonderful parts of Durham that we would otherwise not. Our ideal person would like a wide range of foods and styles, and be willing to try everything (anywhere).

*UPDATE: We received an overwhelming response to this request. Thank you to all those expressed interest! Your summer bloggers should be starting soon.

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  1. I’d be happy to help out, with the caveat that I’m moving to Zurich in June with Professor Kort (LLM and legal writing).

  2. Interested. Please contact.

  3. I can see one of HH’s guest-blog posts now: “Ate food. Good.”

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