Restaurant openings report

Buford’s Grill (4711 Hope Valley Rd Suite1-C)

Carolina Steak & Cheese (5108 Wake Forest Hwy)

Dickey’s Barbecue (5318 New Hope Commons Dr)

Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins (2608 Erwin Rd Suite 156)

Five Points Cafe (347 W Main St)

Food Express (3701 S Miami Blvd)

Good Better Best Desserts & Cafe (1725 Carpenter Fletcher Rd Suite 107)

Milano’s Pizza (2945 S. Miami Blvd)

1013 West Main Street (1013 West Main St)

Disclaimer: This data is based on inspection reports, and it is possible the restaurant is not actually open yet. Call ahead. 

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  1. I desperately wanted a downtown breakfast today and at 7:45 I was taunted at Five Points Cafe by a “Open at 7am” street sign that was safely locked inside. At Rue Cler there were signs of life – at least someone waved and motioned ‘five more minutes’. I had to settle for Blue Coffee coffee and a pastry in the end.

  2. Downtown durham is sorely lacking for good breakfast…or any breakfast other than pastries. Weekends are KEY. I’ll be beside myself when even Toast decides its worth their while to open for breakfast on the weekends (yes, I know they’re open weekdays…and at 11am on saturday…but i’m talking BREAKFAST) Guy at five points mentioned they’re moving towards breakfast, but when i happily mentioned breakfast sandwiches or even simple egg dishes or waffles…he gleefully switched over to pastries and possibly a croissant sandwich 😦

    Its the one thing I really want in Durham…

  3. My favorite breakfast is from Nosh at Erwin Terrace–opens at 7:30 weekdays and 8:00 on weekends, Mad Hatter’s,, at the corner of Main and Broad is another good bet; they open at 7:00 M-Sat and 8:00 on Sunday.

  4. Carpe, do you have any idea on when the Noodles and Company at Erwin Road Pavilion East Lakeview is going to open up?

  5. […] located in a Shell station at 5108 Wake Forest Hwy. Because this is the former home of short-lived Carolina Steak & Cheese, I had to order a steak & cheese when I saw one on the […]

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