Halgo (4520 S. Alston Ave) is a quite cute Polish grocery store and flower shop. They have rows of Polish snacks and candy, kielbasa and other meats, cheeses, crazy juices, pickled fish, a freezer full of frozen pierogies (12 kinds), cabbage rolls, soups (borscht), and generally lots of things I have never seen before (not being Polish or from a big city). Apparently next week they will start to serve up the pierogies hot, but today we fried some up at my house and they were awesome with some delicious Polish sour cream. I was of course hoping for some fresh in-house stuff (they are made in Chicago), but my friend who is a pierogi expert was pretty happy with them.

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  1. sweet creamy jesus, Pierogis! MM!

    • Jezzus Maria!! Die me pierogis!

  2. wow. I am half polish and the only other polish stores I know of are in MA! this is great!

  3. This is great! My wife is of slovak/lithuanian descent and her family has a tradition of making pidogies (what they call them), mushroom soup (using saurkraut juice) and other rich, similar food items. This may be a great source for those rare ingredients that we just can’t find around here. Thanks!

  4. Holy shit – 12 kinds of pierogies! I can’t wait!

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