That’s it, I’m moving: Cheek Road Grocery & Grill

Today I stopped by Cheek Road Grocery & Grill (5801 Cheek Road). First of all, let me say that this area of Durham is awesome — very much in the country, and exactly the type of area I had anticipated living in when I moved here. (I moved to North Durham instead, which is possibly as sparse but with much less country.) It is definitely beautiful country.

That brings me to Cheek Road Grocery & Grill, which is actually a grocery, grill, gas station, bait & tackle shop, social gathering spot, and mini pool hall (1 table).

I had a hotdog with chili and slaw. It was quite tasty, certainly much better than the offerings near me (Dog House). But I saw some other people eating cheeseburgers and was jealous.

(Sorry for the horrible picture)

You should definitely spend a couple of hours driving near Falls Lake and eat here. They are open for breakfast and serve lunch until 1:45. They have many offerings — besides the dogs and burgers, they had several types of chicken sandwiches, bbq, etc.

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  1. If you were in northern Wake County, you’d probably enjoy hanging out here:

    Compared to Cheek Rd., it’s less food but more wine. Hmmm… I’m not sure how that would be as a strategy for living.

  2. MM! its the “red dog” kind!

  3. Taylor’s looks awesome! Good find.

  4. OMG! I lived off of cheek rd (in the opposite direction) for 14 months now and never knew this place was there! Awesome, thanks for the find!

  5. We love to drive around out here, and live just a few miles from here, even though I work at Duke Law and my girlfriend works on the undergrad campus. You’re right, it’s beautiful, yet no one knows about it. We live in a nice subdivision and our rent is VERY low.

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