It’s the fried beer

The fries at the bar/grill (“Varsity Lounge”) at the Millenium Hotel (2800 Campus Walk Ave) might not be fancy or fresh or local, but they’ve got something going for them that’s arguably more important, which is fried beer. According to the menu, they’re from Brew City (a McCain Food). Whatever, the point is, beer (batter) makes everything better, and they are awesome.

Also, the Millenium has a pretty good bar for hanging out, particularly if you ever want to feel like you’re not in Durham for a little bit (I don’t know why you would, I’m just saying). Our bartender the other night was really friendly. The beer (the three Red Oak brewery brews) is not the best (though its semi-local, from NC at least), but that’s ok. They have fried beer, after all!

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