exam period food cravings

During exam period, I become really weird and idiosyncratic about food.  I don’t like to eat dinner, have pregnancy-like cravings for really unhealthy things, and overload on caffeine.  I have to add the disclaimer (my co-bloggers already know this) that I am the non-slumming one.   I have extravagant tastes which will probably put me in the poor house sooner or later.

Here’s my list of sins for 2L spring exams:

beignets from Rue Cler (a dozen might last me maybe 2 days).  It’s also my motivation to get up before 10:30am.

Blenheim hot ginger ale.  Unfortunately, Blenheim only sells wholesale, but I hear that Parker & Otis is working on it.  I might order a case for finals. 

Dolly Mama chocolates.  I visited their stand at the Farmer’s Market again the other weekend.  They come out with slightly different flavors every week.  A VERY expensive addiction ($12/box of 6). 

fried eggs.  Not so much for breakfast as for a late night snack.

Escazu dark chocolate bar with sea salt.  I hoard these at Parker & Otis.  Apparently, Escazu will being doing a limited edition chocolate bar just for Parker & Otis.

So to the study bunnies out there, what’s your exam period poison?

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  1. My 2L Spring Exam List of Hazardous Food Wastes:
    1) Hot Tamales: I go through the big theatre-sized ones when I’m studying b/c they keep me up! Unfortunately, they also make me look crazy when I’m eating them in public b/c I’m literally half asleep and gobbling them up at the same time.

    2) Coffee. Of course. Duh. This semester I’ve noticed that no matter how much I drink, I can still fall asleep (so, see above!)

    3) Tootsie Roll Lollipops. Actually, I prefer Blow Pops, but this was all I could find close to where I was studying. Not as good but desperation will make you do crazy things!

    4) Cinnamon Sugar Bagels with butter from Brueggers. Hot please!

    5) Barnes and Noble/Starbucks has a new Smores Cake thing. I’ve had several this week, but I still can’t quite describe it. Definitely cakey though, with chocolate chips and a smooshy soft caramelized marshmallow top. DELICIOUS.

    6) Hot dogs with everything from Yum Yum’s in Greensboro.

    7) And then, after all this, I like to end with some sushi and water b/c you know…I like to keep it healthy. 🙂

  2. Blenheim hot ginger ale is the BEST! I only know of this one convenience store down in the middle of nowhere, South Carolina (visiting my sis-in-law) that sells it. Usually I get her to bring me a six-pack or 5 whenever she comes up.

    Parker & Otis you say? I can order it a case at a time, no problem.

  3. The Fresh Market carries most types of Blenheim ginger ale in 6 packs.

  4. Omg I thought I was being weird eating loads around exams lol!! XD I am quite piggy and have anything sugary, constantly: jaffa cakes mmm… , pain au chocolat, nutella on toast and biccys (biscuits i’m from england soz). All healthy eating rules seem to go out of the window…

    I have probs gained loads of weight but I’ve vowed on a diet after exams!!

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