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Today was a first for me — I went to the same restaurant twice in the same day. This was mostly because I am studying and by driving back and forth from my house to the restaurant I can avoid actually doing the work, but also because Silver Spoon (5230 N. Roxboro) is pretty darn good. It is definitely a North Durham locals type place, and seems to draw a lot of its business from the surrounding retirement homes. Everyone was extremely friendly (I heard “ma’am” used at least 20 times by the staff and patrons in the 1.5 hours I was there in the morning). If you are in the mood for diner food, I would strongly recommend this place as an alternative to Elmo’s.

I think it is owned by the same people that own Golden Spoon (3500 N Roxboro St), which is a little bit closer to 85, but I haven’t eaten at Golden so I don’t have anything to say about it.

I got there around 10am for breakfast, and they were happy to accommodate me in a booth with a plug for my laptop. There is wireless available, but no indication that it belongs to Silver Spoon. I had an egg, cheese, and bacon croissant, which was very good in the extremely-unhealthy-greasy diner sort of way. The home fries were very good — a bit mushy, but with a little bit of a spicy kick to them. The menu has a wide assortment of breakfast items (which they serve all day), including a bunch of non-standard omelets.

I had been told that their speciality was fried chicken, so I had to try it for dinner. I must say, it was among the best I have had in the Triangle. The sides were nothing to write home about (I would recommend against the mac & cheese — if I were to do it over again I would order the mashed potatoes and gravy), but the chicken was incredibly moist and perfectly fried.

I don’t normally eat dessert, let alone apple cobbler, but I was in the mood so I gave it a try. I thought it was very good, but take that for what it is worth (not much).

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  1. I’ve been waiting for someone to review this restaurant! How do you think it compares to the Eno River Eatery? We’ve actually named the ERE the “North Durham Elmo’s”…

  2. I haven’t been to ERE yet. Maybe I will stop in for breakfast on Monday! Does it get really busy on the weekends?

  3. Yay! Thanks for review! My boyfriend and I drive by the ERE and the Silver Spoon often and we always wondered about these two places (we’re big Elmos-on-the-weekend people). I’m kind of ashamed to admit I hadn’t been to either, especially since I grew up right around the corner from each place!

  4. Definitely give it a try instead of Elmo’s next time. I would be curious to hear your assessment.

  5. We’ve been to Golden Spoon a number of times for breakfast in the past, and have always referred to it as a retirement home…lol. but their breakfast is indeed a good deal, and the people are great.

    they are indeed the same owners of Silver spoon. as the heresay goes, supper wasnt doing so well at the Golden spoon, so they decided to focus on breakfast, and one of the co owners started up Silver spoon up the way with a focus on supper type meals…

  6. I think ERE does awesome omlette plates….

  7. Alternatives to the overrated and overpriced Elmo’s are always welcome!

  8. pudding article and recipes in the times today!

  9. See, pudding is so hot right now. We have our finger on the pulse.

  10. Went to the Silver Spoon for brunch today – well, more …unch than br… – and haven’t eaten again since – and it’s going on 6:30.

    But I’m looking at the ERE – this was LeCoco’s, right? – brunch menu onlne – and their dishes have the same names as the dishes at SS.

    The hostess introduced us to the owner – she seemed thrilled that we read about the place online – so I wonder what the story is in re: LeCoco/ERE.SS/GS?

  11. So, what did you think of the food at SS?

    ERE was LeCoco’s, and I am pretty sure their menu has not changed.

    That would be weird if ERE and SS were the same people. I will look into it!

  12. I had the Farmer’s Frittata – egg, homefries, sliced smoked sausage, provolone, chives – also on the ERE menu – and I was reasonable astounded that it wasn’t a greasy goopy mess. Not even a little puddle of oil underneath. I only got through half of it. I’m thinking the leftovers might heat up okay in the toaster oven. The BH had the Nero’s – also on the ERE menu – and he kept smiling all the way through.

  13. The fam and I went to Silver Spoon for breakfast this morning after abandoning all hope of being acknowledged by our server at a not-that-busy Eno River Eatery, and boy am I glad we walked out on ERE. At Silver Spoon, service was prompt and courteous and the food was great! ERE can kiss my ass–Silver Spoon is now my north Durham breakfast destination!

  14. drove by the ole Golden Spoon location today (10/08) at the Wal-Mart shopping center on Roxboro. It’s gone!!!

    but it’s been replaced by an equally family looking establishment that touts both traditional Mexican and southern food. Called Carolina’s (not sure if it’s engish or spanish, but i’m sure thats the point.

    I’m not eating ot much lately, could you guys check it out and give us the skinny?


  15. We are totally on it. Thanks!

  16. Upon the recommendations on this site me and the wife gave the silver spoon a try today for Brunch. The food was great and all the people working there were nice. I like going to a place where the server will take a seat next to their regulars and find out how there week has been.

  17. […] regular commenter tipped us off to Carolina’s Mexican and Comforting American (3500 N Roxboro Rd) opening up in Golden […]

  18. The relationship between Le Coco, Brigs, and a few other places was explained to me when I accidentally put my foot in my mouth about it in print. I’d be interested to know for sure if Silver Spoon is another scion from the same tree, but it sure sounds like it is.

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