For Banana Pudding Lover (it’s not in Durham though!)

This post is for that special banana pudding loving co-blogger out there.  I went to Crooks Corner in Chapel Hill the other night for some fancy Southern cuisine (had an out of town guest).    This is apparently the home of the shrimp and grits.  And yeah, the shrimp and grits were great: unlike a lot of places, Crooks gives you a ton of big meaty shrimps.  Anyways, onto the big find relevant to banana pudding lover: Crooks serves a pretty decent “Good Banana Pudding.”  Big enough to share, the banana pudding is *drum roll* topped off with a thick layer of fresh meringue.    The custard is slightly tangy with a consistency reminiscent of the custard in an ile flottante.   The bananas are neither too ripe nor too green.  And oh yeah, there’s the meringue.  I am a HUGE meringue fan, so I was totally loving it.  The only bad thing I can say about the pudding is that it’s somewhat miserly with the vanilla wafers (or maybe the person with whom I shared the dessert hogged it all?).    Sorry about the quality of the picture, it was taken with a camera phone.

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  1. I’ve gotten the general consensus from many of my friends and fellow food lovers that Crook’s Corner use to be something great, but has become more or less a tourist trap after several years. (shrimp and grits and perhaps Nanner Puddin aside)

  2. Not a tourist trap at all. Good Southern food served from the chef, Bill Smith.

  3. Yes but how much do you pay for good southern food? I mean I don’t mean to speak negatively, but from what I understand the price of the food has stayed the same while the quality has suffered.

    Of course, I’m from small town NC and true I’ve not eaten there. I’m basing it on people have eaten there since the place opened.

  4. had pretty damned good ‘nanner puddin’ today at the newly opened Five Points Cafe! looks like the sweets are done by a lady who refers to herself as “The Cake Lady” sweet woman, but when asked what her fave was, of course she couldnt tell me (i hate that) but the banana pudding came in a sizeable container for about $3, and had lots of wafers (that semi-held together) and that good banana “fragrance” that you get at the back of your nose. not enough actual sliced banana though…

    oh, and my chicken salad sandwich was pretty good…not outstanding, but the biggest chunks of chicken ever! needed some salt or pickle juice or something in it…

    folks were nice though…chatted a bit

    card machine was not yet running, and the corn bisque was not ready! its a “soft” opening, so they can be forgiven…

    i’ll be back though…the bread pudding square the size of my head was all too alluring!

  5. […] Points Cafe is open Five Points Cafe (347 West Main St) is apparently finally open. We will check it out within the next couple of days and let you know! Published […]

  6. I’ve heard great things about Whimpy’s Grill (and their banana pudding) on Hillsborough Rd. I’ve got to make it over there myself soon to get a burger and pudding (or homemade cherry cobbler)

  7. If you’re willing to back to chapel hill, the banana pudding at allen and son’s bbq is legendary …i think they only have it on fridays though so call ahead. It’s not fancy and not pretty – but it’s everything banana pudding should be – meringue on top, vanilla waffers, homemade sauce/pudding.

  8. I don’t know about the Que places around here because I’ve not gotten around to them but almost all the ones I’ve been to in Eastern NC (Kinston/Greenville to the beach) seem to have it at one point or another. I’ve never had a gosh awful one in those places either.

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