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Studying is already making me fat, and there are still more than 2 weeks to go, plus all the soul food and tacos that I endure for this blog lately aren’t helping.  It’s gotten to the point where I actually crave salad sometimes.  Does anyone have any suggestions for good ones?  Here’s what I know:

I actually like the salads at Cosmic.  I was in denial that they could be good, but now the chicken salad is my favorite thing on the menu.  Something about the dressing is different and good (it’s pretty vinegar-y) and they always seem fresh.

Toast‘s salad is simple but delicious.  Has interesting, peppery greens and great cheese.

The Federal’s special salad is usually good (of course!), and tends to have a good (that is, low) ratio of greens to other (fattening) stuff.  Same goes for Alivia’s spinach and arugula salads (not too healthy, that is) which are also a pretty nice price, considering the good stuff on them.

I don’t like Green Tango much. I’ve gotten too many salads there with bitter old spinach and dried out beans, etc.

What am I missing?

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  1. While a chain with 10 in Atlanta and 10 everywhere else in the country, Doc Green’s makes a good salad.

  2. I love my salads loaded, so when I crave salad, I’ll generally head for a salad bar. that usually ends up being Whole paycheck, or, dont kill me, Ruby Tuesday’s

    otherwise, i make my own.

  3. Chamas is more than meat! Their weekday buffet for $10 is a nice meal. Lots of fresh greens, and lots of interesting things like artichoke hearts (I seem to recall), beets, sundried tomatoes, onion relish, a few cheeses, monster capers on stems, great dressings (including a raspberry vinaigrette most of the time, I seem to recall), asparagus, marinated mushrooms, etc. And of course you can also have the several hot dishes (salmon, pork and beans and rice) if you wish.

    Nikos Taverna used to have a great salad that included potatoes (if I recall. I’m saying that a lot today, it seems.) Their salad menu is smaller now, but the quality is always good.

    At both of these places, you can get a monster vegetable fix at lunchtime. No risk of feeling, “gee, that was nice, but I would have liked a little more, and now I have to buy something else on the menu to feel full.”

  4. The salad at Taverna Nikos with potatoes is the Nikos Salad now. (formerly known as the Village Salad) It is, indeed, wonderful. Their house dressing is so good.

    Anotherthyme has the Morning Star salad, which used to be fantastic at Pyewacket(RIP). I keep meaning to go back there and try it out.

  5. If CH recommendations are allowed, I have to throw out one for the Duck Confit salad at the BBQ Joint near East Chapel Hill High. It’s my favorite thing on the menu.

  6. I like the salads at Nosh, esp. the Brown Derby which comes with mucho bacon. The frisee salad at Rue Cler (sunny side up egg and lardons) is also quite good.

  7. Coblogger, you neglect Guglhupf! My favorites are the duck confit salad with blue cheese, port poached pear, and candied walnuts,(when I want vegetables but some of that finals comfort food feeling) and the grilled veggie salad, for when I actually want something healthy. You can also get the filling of the beet sandwich on greens, but as I recall, you hate beets.

  8. The caesar salad at Blu Seafood and Bar has chipotle peppers mixed into the traditional dressing so it’s nice and spicy. Also, if you ask nicely, they will top it with fried calamari or fried oysters or even fresh fish. I’m a sucker for the squid, myself. That’s my .02.

  9. I was so disappointed when I went to the Federal the other night and ordered my favorite item (the hangar steak) and was told that it was discontinued. They’re changing their menu!
    Oh, the humanity…

  10. This is sad, but they now have steak and poutine, which makes it all worth it. Some other new items are a weekly risotto and veggie sliders.

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