dim sum at Hong Kong Restaurant

taro cakeChinese broccoli with oyster sauceshrimp rice noodle rolls

According to the consensus of several dim sum aficianado friends, Hong Kong Restaurant’s (3003 Guess Rd) dim sum rates among the best they’ve ever had anywhere.  It was definitely a pleasant surprise when I moved down here to even find a dim sum place.  The best way to experience dim sum is to pick the yummy stuff from pushcarts.  Hong Kong has dim sum everyday, but the pushcarts only come out on the weekends.  I’ve made several aborted trips to dim sum at HK on Saturdays & Sundays, only to give up after an hour because of the long wait.   Unless you show up at 11 am on Saturday or 10:30 am on Sunday, you (and your group of eaters) will need to have a lot of patience.   It can help (not always) when you call ahead for a number, or in my case, to go with a friend whose parents are friends of the owners.  Because law school professors like to hold classes at 8:00 or 8:30 am, I sometimes accidentally wake up at 7:00 am on a weekend morning, such as today.  Being up so early, I and a friend headed over to HK at 11 am.  Got a seat right away (yay!).  We got the Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, pork and shrimp shumai, taro cake, spicy fried squid, beef tripe, and shrimp noodle rice rolls.  The sauce for the beef tripe was a little heavier than what I am used to.  The shrimp rice noodle rolls were solid: the shrimp cooked just right and served with that addicting sweet soy sauce (HK’s is just right–not too sweet, not too thick).    For whatever reason dim sum has the rep of being a cheap meal.  Maybe I eat a lot, but that’s never been my experience.  The bill came out to $24 for 2 people.  Afterwards, I took a 3 hour nap, which means that I probably won’t start my 30 page paper until Sunday.

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  1. Best DS anywhere is something of an overstatement, I think, but it is quite tasty. If you go in a group it’s a bit less, say, $10 or $11 per person, but you really don’t need to eat again until dinner. If you don’t factor in the time you wait, I think it’s a great value. Cheaper than Watts or Piedmont. And a hell of a lot better than Mad Hatter’s or Bruegger’s or something.

  2. Yum… we need to visit there again sometime soon. One of the few area “Asian” (non-Indian) restaurants I really, really enjoy.

  3. Definitely more appetizing pics than the Panda House post.

  4. Agreed with Bryan (shock, horror!): it’s good, not great, but certainly the best in Durham (and maybe in Triangle).

  5. Get the egg tarts! It’s really good dim sum for Durham.

  6. Oh, it’s not just good dim sum “for Durham”, it’s good dim sum period. It may not be the best dim sum IN THE WORLD, but I’m guessing if you got the very same dim sum in New York you’d think it was better just because you were in New York. The lobo gau we had today was excellent and everything else was very tasty, too. Try their chow fun. Delicious.

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