Restaurant openings report

Chubby’s Tacos (748 Ninth St)

Also, rumor has it Five Points Cafe (next to Toast) just had its final inspection and will be opening imminently. Although, this has been the rumor for a half year, so take it for what it is.

UPDATE: Chubby’s isn’t really open, unfortunately, but there is painting being done on the outside so maybe it will be soon.  It’s where Xiloa used to be.  Something to look forward to, maybe.

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  1. would love to hear about chubby’s tacos. anyone have any idea what kind of place it is?

  2. No idea.. but I am sure one of us will try it today or tomorrow!

  3. So I did some recon. Not actually open yet. It’s going where Xiloa is/was. Right now they’re repainting the awning but no food is being served. The painters said a couple of weeks, but I’m not sure how accurate that is.

    In other opening news, the place formerly known as Gatsby’s formerly known as Bread and Kebab should be open in a couple days. Same owners, “ultra lounge” (read: lame) concept, private space upstairs for rent. Some food but mainly a lounge of sorts supposedly.

  4. Gatsby’s that was never even open? pfft

  5. i hear that chubbies is going to be a taco stand of sorts. although gringo owned, it will be “authentic” tacos, gorditas etc. good riddance Xiloa, i hope you burn forever in the hellfire of your own misery, and viva Ortega!

  6. chubby’s opens cinco de mayo at 11 am.

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