Does anyone care about pudding? Or studying maybe?

I’m very sorry if no one does.  But I’m going to keep going on the pudding track for just a while longer.  The banana pudding at Honey’s (2700 Guess Road) is quite good, if not one of my favorites.  I’m partial to puddings with more solid wafers; in this one, the wafers were almost totally dissolved into the pudding.  This made the pudding itself pretty delicious, and it was also airy-er than any of the others I’ve had, but I think I prefer it denser.

Honey’s is a good place to study.  The music is pleasantly innocuous (well, I kind of like oldies, maybe that’s weird), there is lots of coffee and unhealthy food but I don’t feel pressured to keep ordering, there is a smoking section (for the cool kids, not me), and it’s open 24 hours.  Mainly, they have wireless and at least a few outlets.

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  1. Yeah, I wish i was more drawn to Honey’s and Elmo’s, but for being the only “diners” in Durham, I swear they fall short…I will never understand the people that sing the praises of, and queue up endlessly for Either of them…but oh well.

    I will say, when you hit it at the right time though, Honey’s is good and dead, and the coffee does keep coming. Every college town needs at least 1 24-hour joint.

    do they actually have wi-fi?

  2. I don’t understand why Elmo’s is so hot either.

    Honey’s has wi-fi that works far better than the internet in the law school.

  3. dayum.

  4. Try the banana pudding at Crook’s Corner in Chapel Hill. Amazing.

  5. If you are willing to trek to Chapel Hill, every Monday is free banana pudding night at Breadmen’s. (That was the case last time I was there, which wasn’t too recently).

  6. at least 3 of my parties in the last couple of years have involved some sort of banana pudding face off between guests, or myself and guests…

    must remember to invite to next one…lol

  7. oHO!Wendy’s has Wi FI! now you’re set! lol

  8. I do like Elmo’s banana pudding. You know who has some of the best banana pudding? Hog Heaven BBQ!

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