Pizza Palace

I do not know why I don’t go to Pizza Palace (3218 Guess Rd) more often. They have some quite good pizza (a New Yorker we were with actually compared favorably it to NY pizza), there are two bars, and the space is awesome (check out the photo on their website; it’s kind of like a giant barn). Also, there is a tiny “champagne room” (not what they call it) on the top floor, with just one table and a great view of Guess Road (that is really what the waiter said), that you can reserve for romantic events such as marriage proposals. They also have local bands play on Fridays. This week, they will be having what looks like a good one:

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  1. The pizza there is good, but it’s expensive…

  2. Never been but have heard pretty funny/good/pathetic things. Some sororities and such like to rent this place out for their functions, hilarity ensues.

    Hi Five, if that’s what they actually look like, sounds awesome.

  3. pizza’s great…but pricey as all get out.

    I loved the ambiance of the old place…so stuck in the 70s

    this new place is stuck in the 80s…not in a good way…lol

    but the ‘za is def. good.

  4. A 16″ two topping pizza at Randy’s is $15.50, at Pizza Palace it’s 16.25. Not that much of a difference. Plus, PP serves beer.

    The juke box (internet? satellite?) at PP is pretty awesome. And for a couple of years, Cool John had a steady Tuesday night gig there. If he moves back to Durham, maybe he can start that up again?

    For takeout, i’ll almost always prefer Randy’s, though.

    Oh, and PP was definitely owned by a former mayor of Durham. I’m still trying to figure out who used to own Shrimp Boats.

  5. Bull City Rising reports Pizza Palace has closed…

  6. […] BBQ Pit coming to North Durham? There is a sign up at the building formerly housing Pizza Palace (3218 Guess Rd) indicating that “Backyard BBQ Pit” is coming soon.  There is an […]

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