OMG Puddin

The banana pudding at Fishmongers (806 W. Main St) is my new favorite. I don’t know about its authenticity or how real pudding experts would rate it, but here’s why I like it: the consistency is amazing because of the high wafer-to-pudding ratio and the fact that the wafers are kind of crumbled and thoroughly incorporated throughout the pudding.  It is also more vanilla-y than others I’ve had.

It was a special so I don’t know if they always have it, but the waiter said it was one of their specialties and was very proud of it, understandably.

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  1. Once at Fishmonger’s — my friend Adam and I had just finished lunch when the server asked if we wanted any dessert. “We’ve got banana pudding today… It’s good.”

    Thinking we were maybe too full, we asked, “We might want to split one. How big is your serving?”

    Service-minded as always, she asked, “How big do you want it to be?”

    I love that. As far from corporate rigid as could possibly be.

    The only bad thing is that she gave us a big portion because there were two of us. And really, we only wanted to split something small.

    Related, from Blue Highways: William Least Heat Moon notices that there are three eggs on his diner breakfast plate, instead of the two he ordered. Says the waitress: “the eggs were small today.”

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  4. I love the Banana Puddin’ at Fishmongers…it tastes as good as my Grandma’s (probably because they make it like my Grandma makes it). They have it on the menu everyday unless, of course, they sell out. It’s worth the trip.

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