Taste of the Caribbean is Delicious

Taste of the Caribbean (908 Fayetteville St) is quite awesome. I only happened into it looking for the Red Onion, which is in the same shopping center but might be closed for good. Anyway, I’m really glad I found Taste.

We were kind of overwhelmed by the menu, which all looked good and interesting. The waitress suggested the jerk chicken, which was awesomely spicy. The curried goat and brown stew chicken were also delish. My favorites, though, were the sides. There was something called a “festival,” which the waitress described to us as like a large hushpuppy. We ordered one, but there were three of us, and she sweetly split it up into three (making each one about hushpuppy size). Oh my god that thing was good. Kind like a sweeter hushpuppy, possibly with cinnamon in it, and practically melted in my mouth. The samosas were also really good, especially the beef, and I even liked the rice and beans (actually black-eyed peas), which I usually don’t even eat when it comes with a meal.

The place was cheerful and friendly and has a full bar. You should go! Here is an action shot of the fried good stuff:

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  1. how’s the goat?

    how are the prices?

  2. I’m not a goat expert but my friends and I all liked it a lot. For lunch, the entrees (which included rice and beans and a vegetable) were about $7.00.

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