Panaderia La Favorita!


I always thought this bakery (2022 Chapel Hill Rd) looked cute from the outside, but never ventured inside during the year I lived 1/2 a block away from it.  Not sure what my problem is.   It is a really cute place with a large baked goods selection for cheap (these were $3.20):


Also, the woman there was very helpful, or tried to be, when I was staring at the large bakery display.  I know some Spanish but apparently I don’t know any baked good terms.  They also have dry cooking ingredients/spices that might interest someone who cooks, and they have pinatas.  Probably nothing you couldn’t find at Compare, but less overwhelming and with fewer cow heads.

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  1. That place was awesome when it was the Davis Bakery.

  2. A-ha! Finally something relevant to my life. Pan dulce makes me feel good inside. I want the one on the bottom right cause it looks like it’s probably filled with apples. Maybe we need to take a coffee break in the Mission. Awesome blogging, you are funny.

  3. […] concha.  Not quite a Mexican cinnamon roll, but much better than the dry dinner roll taste of many conchas I’ve had (see bottom left of second […]

  4. my dad and step-mom own this bakery. We Thugs..=)

    ____ANGEL BABy_________

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