Best Banana Pudding…?

I recently found out that I really like banana pudding so I went to Tommy’s Mini-Mart (1832 Cole Mill Road, at an Exxon station) on a tip that they had the best in Durham. Although I don’t think that I’m really discerning enough yet to accurately rank puddings, I liked the low pudding-to-other stuff ratio, but would have preferred slightly less mushy wafers.  Does anyone have any Durham banana pudding suggestions?

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  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but Wimpy’s Grill has a nice looking banana pudding. I really wish they had Saturday hours because I never have time to make it over there during the week.

  2. apparently the big point of contention is whether vanilla or banana pudding is used in the mix…

  3. Try Bullock’s, if you haven’t yet. It’s my favorite, although I haven’t exactly done a survey.

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