Beers that live up to the hype: Westvleteren

If you ever have the chance to get a bottle of any beer from the abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren in Belgium, you should absolutely do so (at any cost). A friend in Belgium was nice enough to send me a bottle of the blonde, #8, and #12.Today I tried the #8, which is ranked the 8th best beer in the world by Beer Advocate and the 20th best beer in the world by RateBeer. This trappist ale is perfect in almost every way — fruity aroma, with a bitter-sweet aftertaste. It is somewhat similar to Rochefort 8, except the Westvleteren hides the alcohol better.

The #12, ranked the best beer in the world by both sites, is anxiously awaiting the completion (or possibly beginning?) of my last final exam.

Westvleteren #8

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  1. The 12 will not disappoint. Except for the fact that your glass will be empty before you know it. It’s exceptionally easy drinking.

    Good luck on the exam!

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