Dueling Late-Night Taco Trucks?


Hillsborough has become a corridor of late-night taco trucks.  This is great news for me since I drive down Hillsborough very late almost every night after a back-breaking day of learning about the law and stuff. 


 Tonight, I discovered Taqueria Lopez’s late-night outpost mere blocks from the taco bus we reviewed a week or two ago; it’s in the parking lot of the Shell Station across from Chick-Fil-A.  I’ve got to say that the truck cannot compete with the bus for panache–but what could, really?  However, the taco experience was at least slightly better, and the service was super-efficient.

 I got un taco campechano–beef AND pork for those of us who like to have it all/don’t like to make decisions.  The lady behind the glass seemed surprised that I only wanted one taco, and I can understand why.  It was pretty fantastic.  The meat was very well-seasoned and a little crispy around the edges, not as greasy as the meat in the taco bus tacos, and it was topped off with chopped onions, cilantro, and radishes, all of which seemed reasonably fresh.  The meal also included two do-it-yourself sides, some green salsa and salt packets.  I am really into customization, so this was extra appealing to me.  I’ll probably stop here when I’m grouchy and want to put my own damn salt on my tacos, but will go to the taco bus when festive. 


 Oh, and I get double points for patronizing local businesses with this meal–I drove right home and had my taco with Celebrator Double Bock that I had bought at Sam’s, our favorite beer store.  I highly recommend this beer, if only because it is sold with a little charm shaped like a mountain goat.

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  1. “the guy who lends money isnt here, he went to break off someone who owes him.”

    damn i hate all the rhyme and double entendres that get lost in translation…lol

  2. Hey,

    You didn’t mention whether they had two tortillas with the taco or one. That’s become one of my minor criteria with taco stands – regrettably Taqueria Lopes began business offering the two-tortilla taco but when I went three weeks ago they served one tortilla per taco…

    thanks for the review!


  3. You’re in luck…it included two tortillas.

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