PK’s, or, where to play pool and get a beer in (very) North Durham

I see PK’s Billiards and Sports Bar (105 Infinity Road) all the time when I am at Orellana or the BP across the street getting Diet Coke. (Unrelated note, BPs that are marked “Family Fare” consistently have a great price for Diet Coke — $2.99/12 pack.)

I am not sure if you can really call PK’s a sports bar, as it only has 1 TV, but they definitely have 8 pool tables and 4 dart boards. This place is pretty cool, if you like dive type establishments (which, if you haven’t been able to tell, we do). Smoking is definitely allowed, and they have all your standard bottled American beers. Also, they play good music, nice and loud.

According to this article in the N&O, the family that runs the place recently experienced a pretty tragic loss that seems like it will impact their business. So, why not stop in and have a beer if you are in the area and help support it? While that article may give the impression that some sketchiness occurs there (and it might, I haven’t been there late at night), I was totally comfortable when I was there.

PKs — Outside

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  1. I swear the photo looks dead on the ABC store on Hillsborough. Even with the iron bars on the windows – same architect or previous ABC store perhaps.

    thanks for mapping the culinary delights and not-so-delights of Durham – places I pass and often wonder about. Thanks for curing the wonder.


  2. Good eye! According to, it used to be an ABC store. It probably closed down when they opened the new one a couple of blocks south on Roxboro. I think I actually remember seeing an ABC sign out front at one point when I first moved to the area.

  3. after it was the abc and before it was PK’s, it was actually another billiards place (named in the article I think) called Bubbles. We are still wondering if there is an actual guy named Bubble, or where the heck that name came from. Pks is usually packed on Friday nights.

  4. I actually frequent this bar on a regular basis, am friends with the owner, and occasionally bartend there.

    It is a wonderful establishment.

    The incident involving the owners grandfather was something that was definitely out of the ordinary. There has never been another incident like that, save for the occassionally overintoxicated patron who is kindly asked to leave(which was also the instigating incident to the unfortunate death).

    They now have a dart league, and are building an APA pool league.

    Fridays and Saturdays are Karaoke nights. It’s always jumping, with good music, fun singing and dancing.

    Sundays and Tuesdays have pool specials…$5 all you can play!

    The rest of the week has random beer specials and fun activities.

    Mondays are the planned nights for the pool league, and Tuesdays will be the dart leagues night.

    You should come down. I wouldn’t call it a “dive”.

    More like a lowkey neighborhood pub, not too fancy, just right for someone looking for a nice afternoon of drinking and playing pool.

    Best way I can explain it…is….Cheers.

    Pretty much everyone knows everyone’s name, and we like it that way! You should come be a part of our family!

  5. Sounds great. Thanks for the info.

  6. […] The newest truck was spotted outside of El Fantasia Sports Bar (105 Infinity Rd), formerly PK’s Billiards.  […]

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