Bleg! Help us study (outside seating with power)

It is exam time for us. Does anyone know somewhere in Durham that has outside seating with power available for laptops? WiFi would be ideal, but not absolutely required.

We would appreciate any pointers. Thanks!

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  1. yikes, no idea. did you find anywhere? i’d love to know, since the GRE’s are coming up for me…

  2. No 😦 But we will let you know if we do.

  3. James Joyce has 2 outlets on the front patio!

  4. excellent. love the joyce! now the weather just has to get nice again..

  5. Have you tried Broad Street Cafe on Broad St? They have a lot of outlets and power strips but the HUGE DOWNSIDE is that they seem to have some sort of music/community gathering/family fun thing every single night of the week! I’ve had success there during the day though 🙂 I’m a UNC Law student living in Durham and I’ve had the exact same problem in trying to find a good spot to study.

  6. We are glad you chose the correct city to live in! 🙂

    Are those outlets/power strips outside?

  7. I can’t remember seeing power strips outside, but they’re located around the perimeter of the coffeeshop (every few tables). (Un?)fortunately for me, I’ve discovered that I actually get studying when I’m without internet. Terrible, isn’t it?

    Have you guys tried the Silver Spoon restaurant in North Durham? It’s a block past the Kroger’s on Roxboro Road. I pass by it every week and have been curious to try it but…I’d rather have a review of it beforehand!

  8. Yep — I just had something simple (chicken fingers) and it was decent. They are meant to have very good fried chicken. I will stop in again sometime this week and post a review.

  9. Thanks, I’ll be looking forward to it. I just discovered your blog last week and it’s kept me company in class every day since 🙂

  10. I just noticed that Parker and Otis has a set of outlets on the awesome back porch. They don’t have their own internet, which can be good for addicts like me who need to get away sometimes, but off and on you can get a signal from across the street.

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