The food I had at JC’s (706 E. Main St.) was not as anointed as the wall led me to expect–it wasn’t bad, but for the same type of thing you should go to Thompson’s (previously Coleman’s), where the fried chicken, beans, and collards were much better (though my collard gold standard is still The Know). Also,Thompson’s has beer. JC seems to stand for the Savior, and there is no alcohol at his (sorry, His) establishment. By far the best thing I had there was the banana pudding. It was my first banana pudding experience so I can’t really compare, but I thought it was good…probably not jello pudding, and the cook told me repeatedly that I was lucky to have gotten it fresh.

But still, I’ll be going back. Michael helpfully commented that the breakfast sausage is great.

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  1. Were the fish & grits on the menu that day? Or the ox-tail?

    As you are a Latin American food fan, I’m sure you enjoyed noticing that JC’s Kitchen has the largest hand-painted outdoor menu signage that I can recall seeing anywhere in the Triangle. And lots of color!

  2. YES, the outdoor wall menu is the best I’ve seen.

    I definitely want to give it another chance, thanks for suggesting a couple things (I didn’t see either of those on the menu today).


  3. […] not bad, but not my fave.  The yams were great.   The banana pudding was not quite as good as at JC’s, though I liked that there were a few more non-mushy vanilla wafers, you know, for contrast.  I […]

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