Durbar 84

Today I stopped by Durbar 84 (2103 Allendown Dr) for lunch. Durbar classifies itself as a Napalese & Indian restaurant. We got there about a half hour before they closed for lunch, and the place was dead, so the buffet (which looked pretty inclusive) was not in the cards. Besides, I was interested in the Napalese aspect of the place, which does not seem to be featured in the buffet.

Durbar Outside

I tried the momos, which I had never heard of, let alone tried before. At least as they are served at Durbar, they are dumplings filled with ground chicken, turkey, and spices. They are served with an interesting spicy sauce — basically tomatoes cooked in their tandoor mixed with sesame seed, chili peppers, and lemon juice. It was an interesting experience for me. I quite liked the momos, but especially so after I got the balance of dumpling to sauce correct. You should absolutely order them if you go there, but even though I liked them and am glad I ordered them, there was something missing to make them a truly great experience that I would go out of my way to return for.


The highlight of the meal was actually something the waiter needed to convince me to overcome my fullness to try: the rice pudding. They have, unequivocally, the best rice pudding I have ever had. It is perfectly balanced with cardamom, actually giving the dish the mistaken impression it contains cinnamon and nutmeg. Seriously, this was the stuff dreams are made of.

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  1. I know I can always count on you guys to give an honest review go to a place where there isn’t a citysearch review. I also don’t have to see a stupid star rating system.

    What was the price range of this place?

    Also, for being a little suburban, I like the rest of the area of places down there. Akashi has great sushi and Thai food.

  2. Allen,

    I grabbed a take out menu and will scan it in for you in a few minutes so you can check out the price range. The lunch buffet was advertised as being $9.99 — in my case lunch for 2 off of the regular menu came to $29 with tax (including 2 non-alcoholic drinks).

  3. I’ve been here once or twice (and a few times to each of the previous restaurants that were here) and I found it to be decent, but I was disappointed that most (80% by my memory of the menu was standard Indian fare. I did like those momos, they were great.

    Did you have a chance to stop by Mithai, House of Indian Desserts? Oh wait, I checked their homepage, and they’ve moved, so I guess not!


  4. Haha!
    Amazing Post! Totally Agree, Momos are great.

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