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Parker & Otis just got a shipment of bacon-related goods that caused me to go on a shopping spree. It includes lunch boxes, band-aids, and wrapping paper, among other things, and apparently they will shortly be getting in some placemats.

They also regularly have fancy chocolate with bacon bits in it. SO GOOD. If you’ve never tried it, the chocolate/savory combination is amazing.


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  2. After meeting the lovely Sarah here to pick up my very own Carpe Durham T-shirt, hubby and I had brunch. I enjoyed wonderful banana-blueberry pancakes, while the he had eggs, bacon and a divine cheddar cheese biscuit.

    I am sorry to say that I missed the chocolate/bacon bit treats. (NOT) 😀 BTW, if you’re on the lookout for fun Halloween candy, Parker and Otis is the place.

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