Street meat, or, where to get a curbside ‘dog in Durham

Speaking of meat, while looking for “Andrew’s Food Stand” (which no longer exists), I found a street meat vendor at the corner of Angier & S. Driver St. I had a hot sausage, and while definitely not the best street meat I have ever had (that honor belongs to a fine gentleman from Toronto), it definitely hit the spot. But to be honest, I don’t know if it qualifies as a street meat vendor per se, because I think the guy owns the storefront he was parked outside of (T-N-T Grill), which seems to be undergoing some renovation work. This is a pretty cool block that I had no idea existed. Unfortunately, the vacancy rate seems high.

Street Meat

** UPDATE: A helpful reader pointed out that I got the intersection wrong. The post has been corrected.

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  1. This is actually on the corner of Alston and Driver. The stand is what he is doing to promote the coming restaurant, Superlatives. The Office of Economic and Workforce Development is working to jump start this intersection as the buildings still have a lot of their character.

  2. Thanks! It looks like it is actually Angier & Driver. No idea where I got that previous intersection from.

    That is good to hear about the intersection and restaurant — can’t wait to try it. The buildings are definitely cool. The buildings on Alston/Angier are also really cool — I wish someone would put them up for sale.

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