Wingz and Thingz


I love Wingz and Thingz. I was actually in the neighborhood on my way to JCs, which was closed, so I decided to head across the street and possibly get some wingz. However, the guy outside (proprietor? not sure) said he had the absolutely best samosas ever, and I had to get them. He also recommended the lemonade and the iced tea and gave me a sample of each. SO GOOD. Especially the iced tea, which is mysteriously delicious because it has orange in it. Even better, a suicide (which is a combination of the two). Yum. The samosas were also good–the dough was as perfectly fried as advertised. Three samosas came with fries and a drink (suicide for me) for $7, plus a few carrot sticks and celery, which completely cancels out the fried.

The samosas are described on the menu thusly:

“What is a samosas?glad you asked it’s a wonderful mixture of seasoned ground beef wrapped in a crispy light dough, lightly fried to perfection. We promise when you eat one, you will say ‘Sum-mo-sir'”

Here’s part of the menu. It’s hard to read, sorry, but you can make it out. Note at the bottom the “Lexus rich man’s special.” There is also Boe’s Special, which says “Eat like Boe, look like Boe.” Of course I don’t know who Boe is, but I’m willing to bet that he’s large. I also am tending in that direction after eating there, despite the vegetables.


Also, because I am immature, I noted that due to the font, the name of the restaurant as painted on the outside looks a lot like “Wangz and Thangz.” Haha!

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  1. Please tell me JC’s isn’t closed for good. It hasn’t been open any time I’ve gone by, but that’s usually on the weekend.

    Their smoked sausage breakfast is killer.

    Anyway, on topic, when I gave my presentations at the Association of American Geographers conferences about my work on HOPE VI, the shot with the Wingz and Thingz sign in it always got a chuckle.

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