The best thing about spring

The best sign of spring is the release of Bell’s Oberon. I went to Tyler’s for the “Release Party” tonight and was reminded how amazing this beer is. It’s the only wheat beer I actually like, and I learned today that it’s because it’s an American wheat, as opposed to the other ones I’ve had which are mostly Belgian and German (go America!). This one is a little bit hoppier and drier, and has less of the spices and sweetness that must be what puts me off of the other whites. I’m pretty sure it’s already for sale at Sam’s, and I only hope it will be on tap EVERYWHERE before long.

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  1. I’m always proud to know that ‘my’ local beer has such a national following. Friends from Boston are amazed a bit jealous that we have so many Bell’s offerings on tap and in bottle in the Triangle area.

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