Coleman’s, or, I am so fat right now

I had never heard anything about Coleman’s (1006 E Pettigrew St), but I went as part of Carpe Durham’s mission to go everywhere. Wow I am glad I did. Just so you know, it has either changed names or has multiple names, because the sign outside says Thompson’s. ** But when I asked someone at the gas station where Coleman’s was, he pointed me there.

We got a ridiculous amount of food–two “dinner”s for $12 total, which included two sides each and either hushpuppies or rolls. The hushpuppies were actually the best I have had, ever, in my life. The collard greens (which are not vegetarian) were not as good as at The Know, but the fried okra and the yams were great and the pinto beans were AMAZING. I got a “Chuck Wagon Dinner,” which the waitress couldn’t exactly explain to me but said it was very popular, which was seconded by the guy at the next table. It was some kind of beef, very much fried (I think it might have been chicken fried steak, which I have never had). They are apparently known for the fried chicken, which was wonderful (crispy, juicy, tender, the right amount of greasy).

The place itself seems like an awesome hangout. They have bottles of beer for $1.60 (the coldest Ice House in town). The bar has a jukebox full of r&b, soul, funk, and includes of course plenty of JB. I would have stayed to have another beer or two, but I had class (I know, whack priorities…but at least I am writing this during said class).

I am extremely upset that my camera ran out of batteries before I could get any photos. The giant plates of food were especially photogenic. But luckily I’ll be going back.

There was also a taqueria around the corner (Taqueria Cordobesa) but somehow I managed not to stop.

** UPDATE: According to the most recent Restaurant Openings Report, Thompson’s is actually the NEW name of this place.

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  1. No hush puppies could ever be better than the ones at Watts!

  2. I love Watts hushpuppies…they may be more interesting than the ones at Colemans, but Colemans’ are so fluffy and perfect. I have been daydreaming about them all day.

  3. can one really even compare hushpuppies at a down home greasy spoon…and a mid-high end “eatery”?

    I mean really… i dont even think its fair to compare them.

    i know we are the hosts of durham’s global dining table…but credit where credit is due…


  4. Any idea if they’re open on Saturdays?

  5. […] to the heads-up from Carpe Durham, Mathpants and I headed to Thompson’s for lunch.  Apparently it was called Coleman’s […]

  6. I wasn’t that impressed by the hush puppies. I like the turnip greens though. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. […] wall led me to expect–it wasn’t bad, but for the same type of thing you should go to Thompson’s (previously Coleman’s), where the fried chicken, beans, and collards were much better (though […]

  8. […] trucks on Hillsborough Rd. (late night), Guglhupf (lunch and especially breakfast), Hog Heaven, Thompsons (”soul food”), Wimpy’s (biscuits and burgers), and, on Saturday, ~$5 Vietnamese […]

  9. I went here today and the name has changed again… to Chloe’s. But otherwise it appears the same. Still delicious. They showed me a picture of Chloe (a 10-ish year old girl in full marching band attire, perhaps the owner’s daughter?), pretty priceless.

  10. […] Coleman’s (later known as Thompson’s) used to be a free-standing restaurant that was a favorite of ours.  The owner, a really friendly guy, has now leased that space out and operates out of this trailer, which parks at the intersection of Riddle Rd and Hwy 55, Wednesday through Saturday.   […]

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