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Taco carts may not have salsa bars like taquerias, but they are open at night, til 2am usually. There is no better time for a taco than 2am. And one of the taco carts near my house is not a cart but a BUS. A red bus. Apparently they’re open every night but Tuesday, from 7pm to 2am. I had a pastor taco that was great, and came with radishes and tons of cilantro. My friend’s asada taco was, she said, a bit more greasy than most but had some good fried onions on it. My other friend’s chorizo torta was one of the most giant ones I’ve seen, and he said it was good too.

On the way back I saw another taco cart and couldn’t not stop there. It was in the parking lot of the Big Pig on Hillborough. Although there was a woman in the cart cutting a giant piece of meat, she did not have anything to serve me. The Big Pig though–what is that? There was some loud Latino music going on inside and two bouncers outside. Is it really a BBQ place? Is it good? I guess I will have to go sometime, eh?

(Hat tip to Chowhound for turning us on to this place.)

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  1. so, where is this bus? *cant find a location in the post*

  2. The cart by the “Big Pig” I give a mixed review of. The first encounter was the perfect 2am foil for the alcohol in my belly, but the next go round the lady doubled the price of the tacos (to $2). I haven’t since returned, but feel free to gamble on it. You just might get a good deal.

  3. The bus is on Hillsborough in front of a Latin American dance club. If you turn right from La Salle onto Hillsborough, you will see it on your right within a block or two.

    It is kind of hard to miss.

  4. I like this blog. We should meet up for a drink or a meal sometime before I leave, in like, 4 weeks. The invitation is open.

  5. Bryan,

    We would love to grab a meal or drink sometime before you head out. (Despite the fact you canceled a meal with one of us :)). Drop us a line at carpedurham@carpedurham.com.

  6. I found the Red Bus today. Had the taco asada and found it to be very good. They were very nice and wrapped it to go for me.

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  9. I’m going today to try the Taco Bus and make a post about it. I’m really excited. Lots of people have recommended it to me, so it should be quite good.

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