Nautical Bacon

I just noticed that the BLT at Food for Life Supreme is made with “nautical bacon,” which is salmon.  I had already ordered my food when I noticed it but I had to get it so I just got both.  At Carpe Durham we are all crazy like that.  It seems like they made it up, since the only references to it on the internet are related to them.  There doesn’t even seem to be a band called Nautical Bacon.  Anyway, it was far from real bacon (still tasted a lot like salmon) but it was not bad, especially with the fancy mayo on the sandwich (kind of spicy and with dill in it).  I liked the Cuban Burger made of salmon better, which will also be disappointing if you’re expecting a real Cuban, but it’s hard to live up to a real Cuban or real bacon, right?

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  1. dude that’s fascinatingly freaky!

    so, is their “cuban burger” more like a frita, or a cubano?

    we got both!

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