La Isla Bonita

As we mentioned in our most recent Restaurant Openings Report, La Isla Bonita is now up and running at 2201 N Roxboro Rd. It is a Central American place run by some nice folks from Honduras.
Bonita Outside

It is pretty cool inside. They have a couple of pool tables and a jukebox that has a bunch of songs I have obviously never heard of.

Bonita Pool

I ordered a barbacoa torta and a cheese pupusa. The torta was quite tasty, and they have several different varieties available. I will definitely go back for it.
Bonita Torta

The pupusa came fully loaded, which as I understand it is the correct way to serve it. It was nice to try something different, but I must admit I think I prefer the plainer ones served at other establishments in the area.

Bonita Pupusa

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  1. wow! they’ve really cleaned it up in there!! My husband and i went into that place about 3 incarnations ago when it finally became something after being empty for years. It had to be THE sketchiest place we’ve ever walked into, but it was daytime, weekend, and there were families along with the sketchy ones there, so we felt just fine…

    I got the most amazing camarones criollos that composed the most gorgeous platter with smooth delicious refritos, fresh made thick tortillas squares of white cheese, rice and salad. My husband got this unreal whole fish with all the other stuff. both dishes for under 10 bucks.

    he eyeballed a group of shifty guys chowing down on these massive bowls of stew that literally had a crab claw hanging over the side and he proclaimed “I’m comin back for that!!

    unfortunately they shut down a couple of weeks later. 😦

  2. Good to know this joint is Honduran owned, as it was previously, and that it looks much better inside. Though I’m not sure what’s up with the name. La Isla Bonita is typically a reference to Puerto Rico (especially if you ask a Nuyorican).

    I will confirm, however, that a pupusa without the ensalada just ain’t right. What may improve your experience is a jar of encurtido (pickled stuff: peppers, carrots, onions, and such). You could settle for pickled jalapenos, but it wouldn’t be as flavorful.

    And that soup with the claw, that’s sopa de mariscos. Delicious many places, but I’ve had a great one at Cuscatleco. Also try the mondongo there, a big tripe soup.

  3. From another carpedurhamite:

    I had pollo en tajadas there once when I visited during the previous incarnation. The pollo was covered in a sauce and laid on a bed of tajadas (fried plaintain) and shredded cabbage. My dining companion had the tacos, which were fried. (That’s how they roll in Central America). It was pretty damned delicious. They have definitely remodeled some…thanks, coblogger! I am looking forward to checking it out.

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