We’re it

Ok, we are officially part of the “blogosphere” now–we’ve been tagged in a “blog game!” Thanks to The Durham Bull Pen for appreciating our awesome name.

We’re supposed to post 10 random things about ourselves and then tag 5 others to do the same. We’re trying to be good sports, but we are a young blog, new to the blogging community (“blogosphere”), and can’t think of 5 blogs to tag. So we’re just going to do the first part.

1. We love hops.

2. We can eat a lot.

3. We have gained weight since we started this blog.

4. We blog instead of doing school work.

5. We never blog while in class though.

6. We’re not sure whether we like food or beer more.

7. If it is possible to go to the Federal too much, we do that.

8. Same with drinking Diet Coke.

9. We are kind of obsessed with Latin American foods.

10. We ain’t no joke.

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  1. Love your 10 random facts! Thanks for playing tag.

    Number 10 I especially like.

  2. Diet Coke (aka “Coca Light”) and Latin American foods. Yes hell.

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