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As much as I love living in North Durham, there are many times when it is a pain. This is particularly true when it comes time to food shop, considering almost every option north of 85 is old and decrepit. The arrival of a new Harris Teeter on north Guess Rd is anxiously awaited. Luckily, we have Compare Foods, which is an awesome international supermarket. Their prices are the lowest I have found in the area, and they have tons of stuff you will not find anywhere else. More importantly, their fruits and vegetables actually look healthy, which is more than I can say for other supermarkets around here (including Whole Foods). They also have tons of hard to find meats. Between Compare and King’s Red & White, North Durham is livable. Now if only they would move them 10 miles even more north.

Compare Outside

Ah, many fresh fruits.

Compare Inside

Very cheap and tasty treats. Total was $2.70.

Compare Treats

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  1. […] haven’t had it for about 6 months as far as I can tell. Despite having almost everything, Compare doesn’t either. Any clues? Thanks! Published […]

  2. I *heart* compare! I save SO much money there, and find just about everything.

    I’m glad people are realizing its just not a glorified tienda (as the Indy called it a few months back–boo on you INDY)…it really is international, family place…

  3. For galangal try the asian market on Durham-CH Blvd– the one that is in the building that used to be a Pizza Hut, near the intersection of Hope Valley Road. They have it frozen there.

  4. […] about it, I guess…)   It is located next to Compare Foods, a fun grocery store featured in another post on […]

  5. […] interest someone who cooks, and they have pinatas.  Probably nothing you couldn’t find at Compare, but less overwhelming and with fewer cow heads. Published […]

  6. I moved from NYC 6mons ago to Charlotte Nc and was delighted to find a familiar “face” here. In NYC there different cultures close together and you get to eat other ‘families’ food…Here in the south it is hard to find the neighborhood foods you grew up with, but Compare-Foods help fill that void. I love it!

  7. Updated comment on Compare:

    bought 2.5 lbs of their amazing looking Al Pastor mix from the butcher yesterday. at around $5.00 total.

    first of all—bring friends! There’s tons! even after you fry it up! But DAMN was that some feckin tasty swine! along with some tortillas and fresh toppings, and we were successfully beached for the rest of the night.

    This morning scattered some leftover Pastor over some home fries, and topped with an egg….fabuloso.

  8. […] more rice flour, more egg, more cheese, that sort of thing–look for quesadilla hondurena at Compare! it’ll knock your socks off ((pick one that feels heavy)).  So I went into La Loma somewhat […]

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