Bleg! Where can galanga be found in Durham?

It is about time to make some red curry paste, and I can’t find galanga anywhere. Whole Foods used to sell it, but they haven’t had it for about 6 months as far as I can tell. Despite having almost everything, Compare doesn’t either. Any clues? Thanks!

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  1. Tried a while back. Ended up at Silver Wok in CH.

  2. You are my hero, thanks. We need a Durham supplier!

  3. I think this was cross posted on another blog this week. I suggested the asian market near Durham-CH Blvd and Chapel Hill Rd intersection. They have it, albeit frozen. Does the place in CH have fresh?

  4. Try the Asian Market (former Pizza Hut) next to Guglhupf. I’ve found everything I could possibly need to make Thai food there.

  5. I went on this mission yesterday. Silver Wok had fresh thai basil and palm sugar, but no fresh galanga. Luckily, the Chapel Hill Whole Foods (1 block away) had fresh galanga and lemon grass. Next time someone is in WF Durham you should ask for galanga, and maybe someday they will start carrying it again!

    Although many places sell dried chilies, I usually end up at World Market, which has a good selection. I typically use the African ones, which provide a nice deep heat.

    Also, if you are cooking a Thai meal, I highly recommend starting things off with this cocktail:,1977,FOOD_9936_29824,00.html

  6. As a Thai cook myself, I have found that one often has to venture to Grand Asia Market, in Cary to find galanga.
    You can often find Thai basil, lemongrass, fresh chilis, and Thai eggplants. They even have kaffir lime leaves in the frozen section – all the way to the back aisle, far right freezer mid-level. Pricey, but there is no substitute.

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