New Visions of Africa

Today I swung by New Visions of Africa at 1306 Fayetteville St. This is an African soul food place that apparently serves only food that is halal, which Wikipedia informs me means “permissible according to Islamic law.” This place is awesome. The guy behind the counter, who I assume is the chef and owner, is extremely nice and cool — a perfect personality match for the place. They do not have any set menu, and as far as I can tell the guy just cooks what he wants each day and serves it cafeteria style. Despite what the sign says they seem to stay open until 7.

New Visions of Africa

I ordered both curried chicken and smothered chicken. The curried chicken was excellent. Unlike most attempts at African curry dishes that end up tasting like someone just dumped a bunch of curry powder over it, this was a rich gravy curry sauce that was perfect.

Africa — Curry Chicken

The smothered chicken was also very good, although I preferred the curry.

African Smothered Chicken

The meals range from $7 to $11. They also had goat curry, but since I had goat last night I needed to abstain. I will try it next time (and there definitely will be a next time).

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  4. Do you know if they cater for big events?

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