Island Flava

On my way home from New Visions of Africa, I noticed a Jamaican place that I had never seen or heard of. Since I am crazy like that (I can eat a lot), I decided to stop in Island Flava at 902 Fayetteville St. #205 to try the jerk chicken. Definitely an interesting place — you place your order and the guy disappears behind a white wall to cook your food and jam out to some reggae.

Island Flava

The jerk chicken was quite good — very authentic and reasonably spicy. I was pretty stuffed from my curry, so I don’t think my taste buds could truly appreciate what I was eating, but I would definitely check it out if you like jerk and are in the area. There appears to be another Jamaican place across the street (Caribbean Cuisine) that someone should check out soon.

Island Flava Jerk Chicken

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  1. MM! how was that cabbage?!

  2. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to the cabbage if I would have put anything additional into my stomach I would have exploded 😦

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