Golden Krust coming to North Durham

Rumor has it that Golden Krust, a small chain Jamaican bakery, is moving into North Durham next to the Staples. Apparently they have some pretty decent patties.

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  1. Sorry for the intrusion on this blog entry, Carpe Durham, but I tagged you over at my blog.

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  2. I can hardly wait. After the trade towers fell (and I lost my job at Merrill Lynch) the $1.35 beef patty at the one on Fulton St. was the only thing keeping me from eating rats.

  3. I looked in the window the other day before I left town — it was still gutted inside. I got worried maybe they had pulled out, but the permits on the window show active intermediate inspections, so I think things are looking good.

  4. […] Krust opening 7/23 As we mentioned a few months ago, Golden Krust, a small chain Jamaican place, is coming to North Durham near the Staples. They now […]

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