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Yes, I know this is one of the worst pictures ever. But it captures the simple essence of the West 94th Street Pub. Inside, it was actually less of a dive than I expected, and I really loved the decor. It was just the right level of classic pub with a cheesy/funny twist. For instance, the (high-backed) booths were covered with really dorky golf-themed upholstery, and the women’s bathroom had an old-fashioned wooden-console radio hanging purposely askew above the toilet. I assumed the place was making fun of itself and I liked the joke. It was also pleasantly dark.

The ambiance was the best part, but I can’t complain about the food. There was a pretty good selection of burgers (maybe not as extensive as City Beverage across the street, but the actual burgers were bigger and, I think, better, though I’ve only had one of each). The menu was otherwise huge, includes GIANT BUCKETS of various things, and gnocchi (?). The beer selection was small and not great (Foothills Pale Ale, Highland Gaelic Ale, a couple of other generic things, Chimay in bottles, plenty of domestics, etc), but reasonably priced ($3.75 for all pints).

I’d hang out there.

I’m on a dive-bar kick lately, and may do a tour of them for the blog someday. Next on my list are Last Chance Tavern (I went there once years ago but need to go back) and Edna and Lucky’s. I also have been meaning to go back to the Tavern (near New Hope Commons), which I remember as having serious specials, huge cheesy electronic juke boxes, and two floors of large empty bars (on a weeknight at least). There is of course always my very favorite dive bar ever, the Green Room, which is my Cheer’s bar and has a great beer selection (which they may be expanding soon) and a good juke box. But it’s healthy to branch out sometimes. Anyone have any others that they’d suggest?

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  1. Hmm… Green room. Well my dear friend, I think the few times I have been there, it has been on your request. So that says more about my willingness to join you for a drink than it does say about my love for the green room, of which there is little. The shuffle board is usually occupied and the air is quite cloudy cigarette smoke.

  2. Well, my friend, you can always get in line for shuffleboard. Plus the pinball is awesome, I just discovered. PLUS if you go there early (between 5 and 8 probably) the air is as clear as a bell, especially in the nice weather when all the doors are open.

  3. The Green Room is awesome. It’s a dive bar, hence the smoke. You can’t seriously expect a dive bar not to be smoky?

  4. Thank you, durhamfood. Exactly. Part of the charm.

    Though last time I was there the owner said he’d probably do a lot better if smoking was banned in NC/Durham (not that that will ever happen of course).

  5. damn, some days I really miss Jo & Joes…

    so many like to call the Cave in CH a dive just doesnt do it for me…the hipster contingent is just so OTT. It used to be more of a townie bar..

    Old man bars…that’s what I like to call them….ahhhh

  6. Death to hipsters.

  7. What kind of music does this Pub have? Could I expect to hear anything by Steve Miller, Tom Petty, or the Steve Miller band, perchance?

    More on hipsters:

  8. FYI, the Green Room is now smoke free on Wednesdays. I don’t know how I personally feel about that, but it may be a good day for you to go!

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