King’s Red & White

I’ve always heard that the Red and White is one of the best places to get groceries, but I never get groceries so I’d never been. Now that I’ve gone once, I know that if I do ever start cooking for myself like an adult I will definitely start shopping here.

According to people who actually buy groceries, there are a lot of good deals here. There are also a ton of local goods: meat, honey, cheese, spiced nuts, eggs, candy, produce, “personal pies,” etc.


The meat is the main reason to go: among other things, there are so many sausages, plus chicken feet, turkey necks, frog legs, rabbit, lots of seafood, and big bags of meatballs. We didn’t get anything from the butcher but he’s rumored to be one of the best and he looks completely competent:


The produce section is also extensive, and includes giant bins of greens and fresh strips of fatback (in case you were looking for the fatback and would not have thought to look in produce, that’s where it is).


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  1. Rabbit, eh? I’ve been meaning to make rabbit stew for a while now. I’ll get up there soon!

  2. is there something suddenly “uncool” about buying groceries? lol

    incidentally, they have an amazing selection of collards for .79/lb! when they get their initial shipments, peole line up outside the door! half their fruit/veggie selection is locally grown amd marked as such.

    Cashiers actually remember you after a couple of visits, and there’s always a kid to take your stuff to your car.

  3. Definitely didn’t mean to imply buying groceries is uncool–in fact, the opposite. I’m just too lazy to cook for myself. (And I don’t speak for anyone else at carpedurham when I say that.)

    They were so friendly at the R&W, I agree. The cashier talked to us about Duke basketball and the butcher said we were looking lovely.

  4. […] around here (including Whole Foods). They also have tons of hard to find meats. Between Compare and King’s Red & White, North Durham is livable. Now if only they would move them 10 miles even more […]

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