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Palace International is an African restaurant (and catering) on Broad Street; apparently it was hot in the ’90s when it was downtown, and I hope it becomes hot again in its new location. The exterior is not exciting, but the interior is lovely (if you ever went to Randy’s Pizza, which is what used to be in this space, you will be totally impressed by what they’ve done to it–and this crappy photo doesn’t do it justice).

Oh yeah, but the food is really good too. I’ve had a few things, and the only thing I would avoid is the sandwiches, which are not exciting. The Nairobian Beef was perfectly spiced, the Chicken Curry was really tender, and the vegetarian dish I had a while ago (don’t remember which one) was great, possibly the best thing I had there. Despite having no meat in it! The vegetables (spinach, cabbage) that came with the dishes were boring, but made up for by other stuff. The meat samosa was good too…I prefer samosas with more to them than pure ground meat, but the spices, again, were great.

Go! Make it hot again!

*UPDATE: As much as I wanted to love this place, I cannot share the enthusiasm of my co-blogger. I thought the samosas were decent. The chicken curry was spiced nicely, but was missing something. The chicken karanga was just bland. I will give it another shot though — they seemed like they might have some interesting specials that are not on the menu. Here is the current menu: Palace International Menu.

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  1. i can only hope that those are blinds/curtains i see in the window. when i went there for dinner in the fall the sun streaming right into the faces of virtually everyone in the dining room made for a very unpleasant experience.

  2. I went there for the first time today and I LOVED it! Everything was delicious. I actually really enjoyed the spinach and rice, especially with the Nairobian beef. The vegetable samosas were out of this world!

    I definitely think it’s worth another try.

  3. I ate here yesterday for lunch with a friend, we both were very happy with our orders and impressed by the place. We tried both vegetarian dishes my fave was the (Maharagwe Ya Nazi (red pinto beans) but the Dengu Na Chapati (green lentils) was good too. We had a side dish of tumeric spiced cabbage and ugali (meant to be eaten with the main dish, not seperatly). We also had the meat samosa – good, I look forward to trying the veggie ones next time. We ended the meal with an order of fried plantains (not on the menu, but I’d read to ask for them). We got all this for $18 – delish and very filling!

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