Torta Wars: La Superior v. Orellana

After a few too many beers and some Byrd’s BBQ on Friday, I found myself zealously (drunkenly) advocating for the tortas de carne asada at Orellana. My friends insisted that I must be mistaken, claiming that the tortas at La Superior are, well, superior. After much debate, we agreed to a torta challenge.

Orellana’s torta:

Orellana Torta

La Superior’s torta:

La Superior’s Torta

The final vote: 2 for Orellana, 2 for La Superior. We need your help to break the tie!

Both are excellent. The carne asada at La Superior is cut up, and is juicier and more flavorful (but also greasier) than the carne asada at Orellana. La Superior’s torta is also slightly larger, and includes raw onions. Orellana uses a different cheese, which I think is better suited for the dish. Both tortas were under $6. What do you guys think?

Speaking of La Superior, this was my first visit to their combo supermarket/tortilleria/taqueria at 3325 N. Roxboro Rd, which I believe is owned by the same people who own Super Taqueria. This place is very cool. The line for fresh tortillas was at least 30 deep when we first arrived. I will definitely be checking out their menu offerings more closely over the next couple of weeks.

La Superior Outside

La Superior Inside

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