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We’re in the South, y’all. Sometimes in the basement of the law school I forget about this. I’m from the north and don’t have any actual soul, but there is soul food around here that I really like.  Especially The Know Bookstore and Restaurant, which has:

Jazz: Ok so I don’t know anything about jazz, but the jazz on Friday nights is good enough for me and is always really fun. You could say rollicking.

Bookstore attached: Full of random stuff, including cassette tapes of church sermons and used books for which any fair price will be accepted.

Service: So friendly! I’m a sucker for people who are nice to me.

Food: Fried chicken, meatloaf, fish, ribs, etc—what I’ve had has been good. The vegetable sides are actually vegetarian and yet still pretty delicious without any pork, somehow (especially the greens). Today everyone there (employees and all of the other customers) insisted that we get the catfish. We did (one fried and one baked). It turns out they were completely right.

Sweet Bean Pies: Yes!

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  1. Always wanted to try this place. Haven’t had the money these days to eat here, but I’ve been wanting to hear some live Jazz for a while.

    Thanks for reviewing places like these. These are places I drive by sometimes and I’m like “hmm…I want to eat there sometime!” So often you see blogs of places like Piedmont, Rue Cler, Magnolia Grill, etc. I’m sure these are all fine places, but not for people with the low pocketbook like me. I still kind of eat like a college student, haha.

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  4. […] the fried chicken, beans, and collards were much better (though my collard gold standard is still The Know). Also,Thompson’s has beer. JC seems to stands for the Savior, and there is no alcohol at his […]

  5. […] them, and it was definitely a success.  For soul food, we can enthusiastically recommend The Know (review).  Give them a try if you are looking for something more exciting than sandwiches and wraps. […]

  6. […] then it shows signs of life.  Seriously, if you haven’t been, go.  It’s sort of like The Know, but rural and with a more diverse group of people. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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