Sam’s: Beautiful on the Inside

I know most people already know and love Sam’s (the Quik Shop, not the Club). But it’s easy to miss and my favorite place to shop in Durham (possibly anywhere) so it needs a post.


I’m pretty sure it says nowhere on the outside that there is any beer on the inside.


It looks like a nondescript gas station convenience store, on the corner of Erwin and Main St (right before Ninth). But inside, when you walk past the junk food aisles, there’s this awe-inspiring array of beer. The word on the street is that it’s the best place to buy beer in North Carolina. It has everything I’ve ever gone looking for (huge Belgian selection and plenty of American microbrews, high-quality kegs, etc), and the guys working there know something about everything they have. You can ask them to show you something good and they’ll take you to something life-changing.

They also pretty much always have something new. Yesterday they had a display from New Holland Brewing Company, which is new to the store and I think has only recently been distributed in North Carolina.

One time there was this nasty rumor that Sam’s was going to close to make way for some sort of highway or railroad. That never happened, but the scare made me appreciate it even more. I’ll never take it for granted again.

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