The Great Taqueria Tour of Durham

One goal of this blog is to celebrate all things Durham, and one of our most favorite things about Durham is its taquerias. Our taquerias are so fantastic, in fact, that they have been featured in Gourmet magazine. (Check out the September 2007 issue.)

We are on a mission to try all of Durham’s famous (and not-so-famous) taquerias and to report back. We’ve already told you about a few places, but this is the formal kickoff of our Tour.


Super Taqueria on Roxboro has everything one could ask for in a taqueria: salsa bar, licuado station, special weekend soups and ceviche, and a big screen TV playing Univision. The decor is also especially upscale when compared to Durham’s other taquerias, sporting a nice paint job and prints of vaguely Florentine landscapes.

I took my mom to Super Taqueria the other day to share some tacos, so all menu items involving organ meats or lots of spice (basically, anything her Midwestern palate would consider “weird”) were out. Still, we were able to do a complete tour of the more familiar menu items–tacos de barbacoa and carnitas, and gorditas de carne asada and pollo, plus a plate of rice and beans.

We especially loved the gorditas de pollo. If you are rolling your eyes now, that is understandable; many taquerias fill their tacos and gorditas de pollo with limp chicken in a boring sauce. Not Super Taqueria; they cook little chopped bits of chicken on a grill so that they are caramelized and flavorful. Their gordita shells are also perfect–crispy on the very edges, chewy a little farther in, doughy in the very middle, and not greasy at all.

My mother considers the carnitas at Chipotle to be the gold standard, and she did not think that Super Taqueria’s carnitas were comparable. Embarassing admission: I agreed. Even lots of salt and lime juice could not raise them to the level of deliciousness that I had hoped for. Still, they were passable and everything else was fantastic.

A special note on the salsa bar: Super Taqueria’s salsa bar is one of the best we’ve found in the Triangle. Radishes and cucumbers are on rotation, but pico de gallo and various more liquid salsas are always available, along with their extra fresh-tasting pickled carrots.

Gordita de Carne Asada. Mmm…

Taco de Barbacoa and Pickled Carrots


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  1. Thanks for this blog entry! I’ve been too shy and worried about being a stupid tongue-tied whitey to try any of the taquerias. Your blog entry gives me a bit of courage to give them a try.

  2. DBP: Go! They’re awesome 🙂

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