A Mild Ale

I have never even heard of a mild ale.  The internet says they used to be extremely popular (in the UK) and now are vanishingly rare.  But I had one today at the Triangle Brewing Company‘s biweekly tasting/tour–so maybe they’re coming back in style, starting in Durham?  Durham is a trend-setter like that.  The Triangle Mild Ale was described as having undertones of chocolate, toffee, and tobacco.  I think I tasted at least the tobacco, but maybe I’m just gullible; anyway, it was slightly sweet and subtle and really easy to drink.I don’t know if the mild ale (or the really coffee-y stout that I also tried today) is sold at any bars yet, but I know you can buy growlers of their beers every once in a while at the brewery (for instance, this Thursday), and a lot of local bars sell their Belgian Golden.One of the owners mentioned that they might be expanding their operations (the two owners are the only employees so far).   They don’t know it yet, but I am so going to be their first in-house counsel. 

*UPDATE: “Britt” was nice enough to inform us that the Mild Ale is currently available at Tyler’s.   

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  1. Mild’s are spectacular beers. I just made one a few weeks ago. My favorite. Should become popular, what with a hops shortage and all.

  2. They are pouring the Mild Ale at Tyler’s Tap Room in American Tobacco, and one other place in the triangle but i’ve forgotten it.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It very much reminded me of Beers I had when I went into local pubs in England and let them pick the beer.

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