Toast (not the kind with alcohol)

Toast is a new sandwich place in downtown Durham (near the Book Exchange and just past Brightleaf), also open for breakfast on weekdays.  They have two kinds of sandwiches: panini (hot) and tramezzini (cold).  They also have bruschetta and very cute little crostini, plus soups, a salad, and some desserts.  Apparently most of the ingredients are local, the rest from Italy, and they’re combined in really great ways (spicy tuna, olivada, fennel and lemon—awesome).  It’s also pretty cheap considering the quality of the ingredients—the most expensive thing on the menu is $6.  The place is really nice inside: well lit and cheerful and green.  I’ve heard they’re getting wireless at some point, and it would probably be a great place to study (though they don’t seem to have many outlets and it gets pretty busy at lunchtime). 

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